CINDERELLA Program Announcement

From March 2-12, the inspirational retelling of Cinderella by Artistic Director Stanton Welch AM returns to Houston Ballet. More tomboy than princess, Welch’s title character is a striking woman of substance, determination, and spunk. Along with Sergei Prokofiev’s virtuosic score, Kristian Fredrickson’s scenic and costume designs continue to enchant audiences with each revisit to Welch’s Cinderella. Tickets can be purchased through our website. Casting will be announced online before the premiere.

Also, don’t miss tonight’s Dance Talk at 7pm! It’s the first Dance Talk of 2017 at our Center for Dance. Join us as we dive into the history of Cinderella and discuss how this universal fairy tale has transformed in the 21st century.  All of our Dance Talks are free and open to the public!

UH-Clear Lake’s Dr. Elizabeth Klett will speak with some of Artistic Director Stanton Welch’s current and former Cinderellas about how his interpretation of this fairytale character empowers the dancers and audience members alike to think differently about the timeless tale and female roles in ballet.

Ian Casady as Dandini, Melody Mennite as Cinderella in Stanton Welch’s Cinderella, c. Feb. 2017, ph. Amitava Sarkar

Make no mistake, this Cinderella isn’t your childhood fairy tale. Welch’s production is uniquely set in twentieth-century America and includes dance scenes in a graveyard swamp and a glamorous international carnival. Gone are the glass slippers, fairy godmother, and pumpkin carriage; instead, this gutsy tomboy is watched over by the spirit of her dearly departed mother as she fights the oppression of her evil stepmother and stepsisters with wit and vigor. In the end, Cinderella must decide for herself what she values the most in a twist to suit our time.

Derek Dunn as Florinda, Melody Mennite as Cinderella with Artists of Houston Ballet in Stanton Welch’s Cinderella, c. Feb. 2017, ph. Amitava Sarkar

Like various ballet productions of this tale, Cinderella’s rude and awkward stepsisters–Grizabella and Florinda–and her evil Stepmother are played en travesti (“in disguise”) by men.

The stepsisters dance en pointe throughout the ballet, adding an extra challenge for the men of Houston Ballet. Take a look at our video below to learn more about this tradition in ballet and hear from some of our male dancers cast in these demanding roles.

We hope you enjoy our modern take on this classic fairy tale ballet! Catch Cinderella at the Wortham from March 2, 4, 10, 11 at 7:30pm; March 5, 12 at 2:00pm; and March 4, 11 at 1:30pm. 

Stay tuned for upcoming dancer interviews and posts about Stanton Welch’s Cinderella!




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