Elton John, Dance, & Canada: What do they have in common?

By Kalyn Oden, PR Intern

“She’s got electric boots, a Mohair suit… Be-Be-Bennie and the Jets!” You might be wondering why I am singing Bennie and the Jets, that’s not ballet. If you enjoy Elton John and dancing, then this performance is for you. Alberta Ballet will be coming to Wortham Theater Center to perform Love Lies Bleeding as part of Houston Ballet’s Cullen Series from January 30 – February 1, 2015. This performance consists not only of Elton John’s most well-known songs but also electrifying dance styles and costumes.

Alberta Ballet Company Artists - Love Lies Bleeding - Photo: JJ Thompson

Alberta Ballet Company Artists – Love Lies Bleeding – Photo: JJ Thompson

I had the privilege to interview Alberta Ballet company artist Christopher Scruggs to learn more about Love Lies Bleeding. This is Scruggs first season with Alberta Ballet; he joined summer of 2014-2015 season he will be performing the role of a Drag Queen among other roles for his first performance of Love Lies Bleeding. Scruggs grew up listening to Sir Elton John’s more famous songs but by being a part of this tribute he was exposed to songs he had not heard. Now let’s get the inside scoop on this invigorating performance.


Alberta Ballet; Christopher Scruggs; Photo: Paul McGrath
Christopher Scruggs; Photo: Paul McGrath
  1. How is the ballet Love Lies Bleeding different than other ballets?

Scruggs: This ballet is different for many reasons. The music is not classical; it’s all danced to Elton John’s pop music. Additionally, the entire ballet is not en pointe for the ladies, which most classical ballets are. In this ballet boy’s dance in 5 or 6-inch heels, girls are in flat shoes with the men, and some dancers are in a jazzy version of a character shoe at times. The movement is also a huge change from classical or neo classical work as this is much more stylized movement; it is very jazzy.

Love Lies Bleeding - Company Artists of Alberta Ballet

  1. What were your initial thoughts when asked to be a part of this performance?

Scruggs: I was excited to dance this work because it pushes the boundaries of dance, life, society, and more. I think it’s really exciting for the audience to experience this work and not just see a classic like The Sleeping Beauty. It’s a challenge to dance but also lot of fun for us to dance as well as for the audience. I feel like then can really feel and catch the energy from us on stage.

Love Lies Bleeding - Yuki H. -  Photo: Charles Hope
Love Lies Bleeding – Yukichi Hattori – Photo: Charles Hope
  1. What is like to be a part of this groundbreaking performance?

Scruggs: This is a challenge for us in a lot of ways as dancers, but it’s so fun and exciting to perform this work for us. It’s such a fun and dynamic work to be a part of. Each song has its own unique flair and flavor that all add up to one fantastic show.


  1. What should the audience take away from this performance?

Scruggs: I think the audience should take away the entire experience of the show: visually, emotionally, and audibly. It’s really an all-around great ballet for us to dance technically, but more importantly to perform and have fun. I encourage each audience member to let themselves go and really feel our energy and have fun with us 🙂


As part of its Cullen Series, Houston Ballet welcomes guest company Alberta Ballet with a spectacular celebration of the music of rock legend Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

From January 30 – February 1, 2015, the undeniable joy of pop-rock meets the breathtaking athleticism of ballet in the sequined spectacle, Love Lies Bleeding. Alberta Ballet’s artistic director Jean Grand-Maître, choreographer of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies, conjures a romping and visually spectacular tribute to the work of Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Featuring 14 classic songs, this wild and whimsical piece explores the trials, victories, and sacrifices of achieving super stardom with an unforgettable story of rock ‘n’ roll, drama, passion – and above all – love.

For more information: http://www.houstonballet.org/Ticketing-Schedule/Season-Calendar/Loves-Lies-Bleeding/

Watch a preview of Love Lies Bleeding: 


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