Congratulations To Houston Ballet’s Ballerina Bride, Melody Mennite

You may now kiss the bride!

On October 5, 2013, in Houston, Texas, Houston Ballet principal dancer Melody Mennite and Rick Walsh started a new chapter in their life as husband and wife. Please join me in congratulating the happy couple! In this blog entry, Melody shares the precious moments of her wedding and what’s to come of the future.

Melody will dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker on November 30 (matinee), December 8 (evening), December 23 (evening), December 26 (evening), and December 28 (matinee).

Melody Mennite Wedding Photo 1 - Jaime L.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Melody Walsh; Photo by Jaime Lagdameo

Planning a wedding isn’t easy…and on top of that as a principal dancer you are busy year round. What sort of things did you have to consider when it came to your wedding date?

We really had to plan it around when the company was on break. October is a fairly mild month in Houston, and since I wanted to be able to be outside, it just seemed like the right option. (Plus it was either that or wait all the way until next summer, and I was too excited to wait that long!)

October 5, 2013…guests have arrived, love is in the air, and cameras are ready…..tell us about your wedding day.

It was so special… First of all, almost all of my family has never come to Houston (and I’ve been here 13 years!). There was a moment where it hit me that they were here and we were all together and Rick just had to hold me as I cried. So many happy tears that weekend…

Melody Mennite Wedding Photo 2 - Jaime L.

Photo by Jaime Lagdameo

The actual day of was a little crazy. But great. All our friends and family were so helpful and present and we just kept saying “this is so perfect”. At one point when all my girls and I were getting ready, I hid in the shower because I had to finish a letter to Rick. The room was so full of energy and life (and people, haha!) that the shower was the only place I could think quietly. I can say that one of my favorite things about our wedding was how all the players (from photography, to music, to food, to attire, etc…) were people we know and love. It made every detail and moment so dear to us both. I can’t imagine being any happier with everything about that day. 

Did it take place in Houston or somewhere else?

It was at The Gardens of Bammel Lane in Houston, Texas.

Melody Mennite Wedding Photo 2 - Jaime L.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Melody Walsh; Photo by Jaime Lagdameo

Tell us about your prince charming?

Rick is the true and pure meaning of the word “gentleman”. He is not only heart achingly handsome, but deeply caring and thoughtful. When I met him, I recognized immediately that I was meeting someone rare, honest, and extraordinary. I am tremendously blessed and honored to be the wife of such a beautiful person. He is the best man I’ve ever known.

Melody Wedding 4 Photo by Jaime Lagdameo

Photo by Jaime Lagdameo

When, where and how did you two meet?

Well, Rick is the older brother of Houston Ballet Principal dancer Joseph Walsh. So it was Joe that introduced us, at his old apartment, when Rick was in town visiting him years ago.

Describe your husband in 3 words or less.

Compassionate, selfless, intelligent

Melody Mennite and Rick Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Melody Walsh

When you are on stage, is he in the audience? Are there any particular roles he enjoys you dancing in?

He says his favorite roles so far have been me as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Wendy in Peter Pan, and Cio-Cio San in Madame Butterfly. He says he especially enjoyed watching Joe and I perform Coppelia together. (which we did this Spring 2013 on a guesting in Louisiana). He said, “I like Coppelia. Because I don’t like seeing you die all the time…”

Melody Mennite in Romeo and JulietMelody Mennite in Romeo and Juliet; Photo by Amitava Sarkar


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