Preparation for the Final Performance: Natalie Payne

Friday July 12 2013

Wow, it is already week 4 of the Houston Ballet Summer Intensive! Natalie is back and full of stories to share. She continues to enjoy each and every one of her classes and can’t wait for the final performance. Natalie has been perfecting her technique, while also throwing everything “ballet” out the window to learn an African-Caribbean style routine! The past few weeks have broadened Natalie’s dance repertoire and opened her eyes to numerous new styles and methods.

Please click play below to hear an update from Natalie!

Getting up on stage to perform dances that she has worked so hard on will most definitely be an exhilarating experience for Natalie. She misses her family back in Australia and wishes they could come see her perform; however, Natalie is ecstatic to share her love for dance with those in the audience. I can not wait to see her perform along with all of the other Summer Intensive students at the final show!

Stay tuned for more videos and get ready to meet our last video blogger!


– Kate


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