Day in the Life of a Level 6: Jenna Turner!

Guest Writer: Kate Owen, Academy Intern

Tuesday July 9, 2013

Jenna is a 14 year old level 6 student from Columbia, Maryland. She has competed in YAGP Connecticut and gone all the way through to New York! Wow! This is her first summer away from home, but she has gone to many local summer intensives. I am certain that we can make her feel right at home!

Please click play below to meet Jenna Turner and hear about her life as a Level 6!

Jenna wants to be a Summer Intensive video blogger because she has always felt comfortable in front of the camera and “would love to be a part of documenting the Houston Ballet experience!” I think we can all say that we are thankful for this, because we benefit from her smiling face and charming personality!

This engaging young dancer has spent a lot of time taking pictures for Instagram and has been a part of many of her brother’s films. The Turner family sure has the genes for exceptional talent! In addition to helping her brother out, she has been in promotional videos for her local dance studio.

Jenna is attending the Summer Intensive because she is interested in joining Houston Ballet when she is older! She also wants to improve her technique and strives to reach beyond her potential as a performer! I look forward to seeing young Jenna blossom into the amazing dancer that she aspires to become. Houston Ballet Summer Intensive is just one more building block on the way to her success!

Stay tuned for more videos and get ready to hear an update from Natalie!


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