Meet Our First Summer Blogger: Natalie Payne!

Guest Writer: Kate Owen, Academy Intern

Natalie is a 16 year old level 6 student from Sydney, Australia. Ladies and gentlemen, we have an Aussie on our hands! This is her first Summer Intensive ever and she is just thrilled to be at Houston Ballet Academy. She auditioned for the program back in January while on vacation with her family. Talk about commitment! She has a deep passion for ballet and considers herself very dedicated. I think we all can agree with that! Natalie aims to become a professional ballet dancer (hopefully with Houston Ballet)!

Please click play below to meet Natalie Payne!

Natalie wanted to become a Summer Intensive Video Blogger because she knew that it would be a fun and wonderful opportunity. Natalie stated, “I love expressing myself and sharing stories with people. I would love that my family, teachers and friends back in Australia could keep updated with what” she is doing here at Houston Ballet Academy this summer. All of you Natalie-loving-Aussies and ballet fanatics out there get ready to be a part of Natalie’s summer experience!

If you aren’t already head over heels for this amazing ballerina, just wait! She has acting experience! When she was 10 years old she was part of an acting agency and even starred in a few commercials. Her sister is into film-making, so of course Natalie is quite use to being in front of the camera! Thanks Natalie’s sister, because now we get to enjoy her camera-ready vivacity throughout the summer!

Natalie wanted to attend the Summer Intensive Program to grow as a dancer and an artist. She loves working hard and always pushes herself to be better. She was truly inspired by the Houston Ballet II dancer, Harley Campbell. Harley came from the same ballet school in Sydney and absolutely loved it here in Houston. Natalie hopes to “gain an immense amount of knowledge from the amazing staff” and also hopes to be “noticed for her drive, dedication and artistry.” Natalie wants to stay in the year-round program and I sure hope she does!

Stay tuned for more videos from Natalie and come back next Friday to meet another video blogger!



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