Tour Talk with HB II students – Q&A with Liana and Joel

Guest writer: Kimberly Cedeno, Houston Ballet public relations intern

Dancer: Liana Caprio; Photo Amitava Sarkar

Houston Ballet II is Houston Ballet’s second company and part of Houston Ballet Academy. A group of young dedicated dancers that get to experience various opportunities like touring around the U.S. This Sunday, January 22 HB II will be in Alexandria, Louisiana performing at Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center. Before they hop in the HB tour bus with their luggage and costumes — I had the chance to sit down with HB II students Liana Carpio and Joel Woellner.

Ready for this weekend? Are you looking forward to going to Alexandria, LA?

Liana: Super excited, I love touring and going to different places. Sightseeing is so much fun!

Joel: This is my first tour, I’m really really excited about it — I get to travel with HB II for the first time! And I get to explore more of America.

Can you tell me a little bit more about this weekend?

Liana: We are doing 4 contemporary ballets and what makes this trip unique is that this time we will have a live orchestra. We have live music from the Baroque to the Beatles.

Joel: We will be performing: The Long and Winding Road, Blue and Fingerprints, all by Stanton Welch, and Den III by Garrett Smith.

Exciting! How many tours have you been on?

Liana: Lets see…3 tours with Houston Ballet.

Joel: This will be my very first tour.

Do you feel that touring is an important experience for students?

Liana: Definitely a great learning experience because you learn to handle yourself outside of your usual routines. Touring is also a great way to learn how to perform in different environments and to work together as a group.

Joel: You’ve been practicing for so long to get better — now’s your chance to perform and showcase your talent and entertain the audience.

Liana, any advice you would give to others about touring?

Liana: Act professional. Stay focused. You are in charge of yourself; it’s a growing experience and take it for all it’s worth!

Any challenges of touring?

Liana: Adjusting to the different stages, some stages may be hard or slippery. Also after a while you get really tired. When you are touring, you are constantly on the road. It isn’t like your normal routine schedule. It’s very important to stay healthy!

Have you started packing?

Liana + Joel: ..(silence)..

Tell me a bit about yourself? Hobbies?

Liana: I was born in LA and live here with my family in Houston. I’ve been dancing since I was a child. I love to shop on my free time! Lots of fun!

Joel: I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been dancing since I was a child too. This is sort of my first year with Houston Ballet. I’ve been in Houston for about four months. In terms of hobbies, sleeping and eating are my favorite things to do when I’m not practicing.

Outside of the studio — what are some of your favorite places to perform?

Liana: I love the big stage…The Wortham Theater Center! It’s great!

Joel: I love performing for people, wherever people are and willing to watch I will dance!

Great, good luck and have fun!!

To learn more about Houston Ballet II touring dates visit our webpage here.


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