Vote for Us for Dance Advantage’s “Top Dance Blog of 2010”!

December 13, 2010

When Dance Advantage announced a contest to decide the Top Dance Blog of 2010, Houston Ballet’s En Pointe couldn’t resist throwing our hat into the ring. Everyone familiar with blogs has been exposed to the endless lists of “bests” in blogging. These lists are composed of the top 100… the top 50… the top 10… But how do they find themselves in those coveted spots? With no clear judging criteria or universal standards, the lists are subjective at best. In an unprecedented move, Dance Advantage has decided to name the Top Dance Blog of 2010 based on your support!

Here is how the contest works: if you find yourself constantly checking in to see what Houston Ballet and our amazing dancers are up to, just post a comment on this blog entry! It’s that easy to show your support. After December 22, Dance Advantage will vote on the twenty blogs that received the most comments. 

It’s the holidays, so show us some love!


  1. We use to live in wonderful Houston. Now we take any excuse to check out the ballet scene and of course return to Houston to see the Houston Ballet as much as possible.

  2. I love keeping up with the company through this blog. It’s fun!

  3. Impressive company!!

  4. Here’s a vote for you!

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