“Dance with Camera” Exhibit at CAMH

The Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, located at 5216 Montrose Boulevard, is currently displaying their “Dance with Camera” exhibition. This exhibit features film, video and photographs from 1965 onwards documenting the work of celebrated dance artists as George Balanchine (and the famous pas de deux from his landmark 1957 work Agon), modern dance legend Merce Cunningham, the hip punk ballerina Karole Armitage, and a 1960s film of singer/dancer Toni Basil (who went on to record the smash pop single “Mickey” in 1982).

In addition to the exhibited works, CAMH has also planned a series of live events along with the exhibit, including Deborah Hay’s lecture on “The Performance of Beauty” and a rare screening of Michael Clark’s notorious 1987 Hail the New Puritans.

“Dance with Camera” continues through October 17. For more information and a list of events relating to the show, visit www.camh.org.

Click here to read the Houston Press’s opening report on the exhibit.

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