Dancer Spotlight: Summer Intensive Student Heidi Yu

Guest writer: Katie Arnold, PR intern

Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy has welcomed over 100 dancers ages 9-20 from 32 states and 13 countries for its 2010 Summer Intensive Program. Today these students will give their final performance before heading back to their hometowns.

Summer intensive student Heidi Yu is from Hong Kong, China and will be joining Houston Ballet II this fall. At sixteen, Heidi is excited to be training with the teachers at Houston Ballet. “My favorite part of the summer intensive is the teachers, and all the different dancing like pas de deux and jazz,” she explained. “I have not danced jazz and pas de deux this much, so this is new and fun to me.”

Heidi Yu, photo by Katie Arnold
Heidi Yu rehearsing The Sleeping Beauty, photo by Katie Arnold.

Also new for Heidi are the types of roles she is used to performing. While dancing the role of Princess Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, ballet master Claudio Muñoz is coaching her to be more soft and princess-like. Sometimes the technical aspects are not the only difficult tasks in roles, but the acting aspects are also a challenge. She says, “I have never been a princess before, so I have to learn how to be a princess. Claudio tells me to be sweet, and he is helping me with my acting.”

The culmination of the 2010 Summer Intensive will be held tonight, July 30 at 8:00 p.m., in the Proscenium Theater at San Jacinto Community College-South (13735 Beamer Road, Houston, Texas). The performance is open to the public, and tickets, which will be sold at the door, are $10 for adults and $5 for students. For more information, call (713) 535-3210.

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