Company Departs for Spain Tour Tomorrow

Guest writer: Brian Walker, production manager

Today is the final day of preparation before we leave for Spain.  We’ve been working on this tour off and on for about a year.  We started with a different promoter that ended up having to back out of the project after having some organizational problems.  We thought the tour had fallen through at that point, which was in August.  In late October another promoter picked up the project and after some negotiations and concessions, we were able to sort out a two week tour.  We start the tour in Vigo, then travel to A Coruna, Santander, Pamplona, Murcia and end in Oviedo.  We perform back-to-back in Vigo and A Coruna, then Santander and Pamplona.  It will mean very long days for the crew since we will have to travel to the new city and finish the load-in the day of the show.  Fortunately we are bringing an extra person from Houston who will be traveling ahead with a lighting designer from Spain. 

This is what the schedule looks like –
Vigo – April 21
A Coruna – April 22
Santander – April 24
Pamplona – April 25
Murcia – April 28
Oviedo – April 30

We are performing two different programs while we are in Spain.  Our main “full” program consists of Stanton Welch’s Nosotros and Divergence and Christopher Bruce’s Hush.  Due to the size of some of the venues, we weren’t able to do Divergence in all of the cities, so we came up with a “gala” alternative program.  That will consist of Stanton Welch’s Mediaeval Baebes, Han van Manen’s Solo, Hush, and  a modified version of Stanton Welch’s Nosotros.  We do the “gala” program in Vigo, A Coruna and Oviedo.  The full program will be in Santander, Pamplona and Murcia.  To give you a little perspective on the scale of things, the stage in Vigo and A Coruna are about 33’ deep by 37’ wide.  Our normal set up at the Wortham in the Brown is 55’ deep by 48’ wide.  Vigo also happens to have a 4% rake to the stage. 

This is going to be a very new touring experience for most of the company.  We generally take more time to get into the theater and rehearse.  This is going to be much more like the touring that Houston Ballet did in the past where one-night engagements were more common and the approach taken was much simpler.  General manager Jim Nelson will be writing blogs from the road, and if I have time between cities and I’m awake enough, I will try to do a blog or two.  Hopefully we’ll come back with some great pictures and funny stories.

Wish us luck!


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