Be an Extra in Mao’s Last Dancer!

Looking for a fun way to spend your Friday evening?  Be part of Mao’s Last Dancer, a Bruce Beresford feature film for general audiences shooting in part at Miller Outdoor Theatre this evening, June 20, 2008. If you’re interested in being an extra for the movie, please report to the garden center rose garden across from Miller Theatre at 6:30 p.m.

You will be extras as part of an “audience” in a scene. The crew needs two different types of audience members:
     -The first group must dress in 1982-style casual but stylish clothing. These people will sit on the hill and can bring blankets or lawn chairs if they wish.
     -The second group will sit closer to the stage and will need to wear cocktail attire. Only the top half of your body will be visible in shots.

It is up to you which group you prefer to be in. A performance by the Houston Symphony will be going on during shooting.


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