Preparing for the Academy Spring Showcase

garrett-headshot1.jpgGuest writer: HBII dancer and choreographer Garrett Smith

As I have been rehearsing for the Spring Showcase, I have been working very hard in preparing my new piece titled Den III in addition to the many other hours spent in the studio rehearsing for the other pieces I am dancing in.

My piece features three men and one woman. The music is by Tielman Susato titled Renaissance Dances. The piece itself has a hint of Renaissance from the distinct sounds in the music. I played with the whole Renaissance theme while using my style of contemporary movement. What has been most exciting is creating costuming for the piece. My roommate Travis Halsey and I have come up with some really neat costumes that fit the choreography and idea behind the piece. I feel that I am taking a step further in my career by getting the opportunity to have a budget for my piece, let alone being able to have it performed in the Spring Showcase.

Most of all I am so excited that my parents will be able to watch my choreography live when they come. They will be able to see what I have prepared as a dancer, and what I’ve accomplished as a choreographer.



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