The Wizard Behind the Curtain Speaks!

Guest writer: Sarah Stern, Marketing Manager

Some would say I’m the “wizard behind the curtain” of this blog.  I’m the person who finds the writers, makes sure their blogs are turned in by deadline, and posts them to this site.  I figured it was high time that I actually made an appearance on this thing.

I wanted to give you a taste of what’s going on here at the ballet, post-Nutcracker-madness.  You would think we’d have a lull after our busiest time of year, but that’s not really the case:

The company is back, after taking an 8-day hiatus to rest their feet from dancing 36 performances in 38 days (and that’s not including studio time, tech and dress rehearsals!).  They have immediately delved into preparing Cinderella, Swansong, Serenade, and Stanton’s world premiere, all of which are part of our upcoming spring repertory performances.

Our development department, hot off a very successful Nutcracker Market year, is busily preparing for the Houston Ballet Ball, which will be held on February 16.

Our production department, unfortunately, never gets much of a break.  Right now they are preparing for Stanton’s new ballet which will premiere on February 21 as part of our “Gershwin Glam” triple-bill.  Our production director, Tom Boyd, designed the sets, so the sketches have been sent to the shop to be built and painted.  The rest of our production department is putting together small props for the show.

Wardrobe also has their hands full.  Stanton’s new ballet is no small undertaking.  It’s set in 1940s New York, so the costumes (which were built by our very own costume shop) are very period and glamorous.  Fittings for Cinderella, which we rented from Australian Ballet, will begin soon as well.

The artistic staff will begin traveling the U.S. beginning this weekend for company auditions.  The first auditions are on Sunday in San Francisco and Chicago, followed by New York, Houston, and Montreal in the upcoming weeks.

As for our very own marketing and public relations department, we’re in overload.  Believe it or not, we’re about to start marketing our new 08-09 season, which includes lots of mailings and even more brochure editing (my specialty).  Fear not, the announcement of the new season will be coming soon!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the blog.  I’m always looking for content suggestions, so if there’s something specific you want to hear about, or someone specific you want to hear from, let me know!



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