My favorite Nutcracker memory

teagueheadshot.jpgGuest writer: Soloist Sharon Teague(Read Ms. Teague’s bio…)

Just recently, I was backstage waiting for the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker to come to its climactic end.  My mind was playing like a movie of memories from years past.  Suddenly, I remembered when I was a Houston Ballet Academy student and what I used to do in preparation for my role as a rat.

I would wear my huge glasses (that were more than ugly) and duct tape them around my head.  Then I would put the rat head on and proceed to perform the battle scene with my secret spectacles securely in place.  This lasted a good 12 or 13 shows until one night I was wrestling with a soldier and the glasses broke and fell somewhere on the stage, never to be seen again.  I was terrified and relieved all at once.  Relieved the hideous things were gone, terrified as to how I was going to manipulate myself around on stage for the next show.  Fortunately, I had some good friends who dragged me, pushed me, and yelled at me until the very end (and no, I was not the infamous rat who fell into the orchestra pit…amazingly!).

The final notes of the Waltz of the Flowers played and I was smiling because of the funny recollection, but also because I was about to have a dream come true.  I hugged my Prince, principal Connor Walsh, wished him “merde” and thanked him for his work.  Then I took the stage as the opening night Sugar Plum Fairy.  I had come a long way from a blind rat to a Sugar Plum who could see.



Ms. Teague in the role of Sugar Plum Fairy from Houston Ballet’s The Nutcracker.  Photo by Amitava Sarkar.


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